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March 2012 meeting files available

4/3/2012 -  The files for the March 2012 gig can be found here...

Feb. 2012 meeting files available

3/3/2012 -  Feb. 2012 meeting files available

Jan. 2012 Source Code added

1/26/2012 -  Download it from the attachments section of the meeting: 
Download Code

Added PPT slides for March 2011 GIG

3/28/2011 - Download it from the attachments section of the meeting

Added PPT Slides for February Gig

3/16/2011 - Look for them in the attachments section of the FEBRUARY 2011 GIG

Social Networking

10/21/2010 - Do you use Twitter, LinkedIn or other sites to talk technology? Join any of these groups or follow these on Twitter and let us know who you are out there.

Website Redesign

10/21/2010 - BAND website redesign in progress!

Developer Events

10/21/2010 - Chris Bowen's blog lists some great events coming up in Oct/Nov in the Northeast.

New sponsor

4/3/2008 - Our .NET User Group has a new sponsor, Kentico Software, who provides us with free Kentico CMS license (worth $1,499) that we use for this web site.

New web site design

4/3/2008 - We have just moved our web site to Kentico CMS for ASP.NET.

This web site uses Kentico CMS, the content management system for ASP.NET developers.